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“Who Am I?…”

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What makes me… me?

Is it the way I talk, or the way I dress?  Am I defined by my employment or by what bar I hang out at? Could it be where I live or where I do my food shopping? Or maybe what friends I socialize with, or what people I want to be around.

You probably guessed it, but the answer is “all of the above”. We define ourselves, our peers define us, and society defines us.  We are in a society that puts a label on us because of where we shop for clothes. A simple element for survival, clothes. Now what I’m getting at here is that judgment is part of our existence. We have it done to us everyday, and we do it our selves. Every moment, every day….

So who am I? How do other people see me? Let’s start with facts, items that cannot be challenged: (I’ll do this on myself) I’m 63 years old, with balding hair. Ugh! I had an afro in high school. I have baby brown eyes, and a scar on my forehead.

Now already you are forming a mental picture of me, and the is the basis for your definition of me. Let me continue: I work in Finance and The Arts, I have a degree in Accounting, and I was in the United States Air Force. Get the picture? Literally and figuratively.  You have now formed an impression of me.


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