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Jeff as a toddler - 1960 Born August 24, 1956 and a native New Yorker my childhood was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and Rosebank, Staten Island.  I attended St. John’s Villa Academy in Staten Island, and the famed Lafayette High School in Brooklyn. Lafayette High School was the home to the original Sweat Hogs from “Welcome Back Kotter”, and was scenery for the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and “The French Connection”. Halfway through high school and being a very independent teenager , I flew to Los Angeles to stay with friends and attend West Torrance High School. There I had my first taste of theater starring in a high school production of “The Fantasticks”.

I then auditioned for a summer stock production of “The Music Man”, and was cast as Marcellus Washburn.

But Los Angeles had other influencing factors in my life. I became involved with a group of born again Christians, and at 17 started “speaking in tongue,” preaching on the Redondo Beach Pier. It wasn’t too long before I became bored and returned to New York, heavily hitting the club scene of the mid 70’s. The Disco trend was hitting full force, Hustling on the dance floor was in and liquor ran freely. Too much for me one night, when, I fell asleep, drunk on the corner of 44th & Broadway. In the morning I was awaken by a NYC Police Officer, and with no immediate direction in my life I walked into the Armed Forces Recruitment Center on Military Island in the heart of Times Square and joined the US Air Force.  


Jeff's graduation from Basic Training in the US Air Force.

My basic training took place at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. I was then stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina as an Air Operations Specialist.

Jeff in the late 1980's After my time with the Air Force, I headed back to NYC. At 28 I took another move, this time to Albany in upstate NY, where after working as a night auditor at a Hilton Hotel, I returned to school and received a degree in Accounting. I started working various bookkeeping positions, including Payroll TimeKeeper for Macys’ Albany, and as Assistant Payroll Administrator for SYSCO Frosted Foods also in Albany. But my theatrical roots came calling. I became involved with Capital Rep, a well-know regional theater. From there I sprung out to Albany Civic Theater, where I acted, directed, produced & worked on numerous productions, for many seasons. After being voted to the Board of Directors  I worked on many productions as Production Coordinator and then Box Office Treasurer.

In 1996 at the age of 40, after 12 years in Albany, I decided to move back to NYC and pursue a professional acting career.

My first commercial SNET (Southern New England Telephone) gave me entry to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Then it wasn’t to long before I became eligible to join other performing arts unions. AFTRA and Actors’ Equity Association were next. In order to “network” with other actors, I started doing extra work on many films & local TV productions such as: Saturday Night Live, Spin City and for 2 seasons as a stand-in for Vito on “The Sopranos”.

Acting came to a halt when roles became scarce and competition grew. Turning to screenwriting, I wrote THE LILAC PAPERS, an award-winning screenplay for a short film which Jeff co-directed, produced and starred in. Next came my romantic comedy screenplay KNOCK 3 TIMES which made Finalist in Scriptapalooza’s 2010 Screenplay competition, and Semi-Finalist in the 2010 American Screenwriting Competition.

Currently I’m working on another screenplay drama title HEALED, and I still live in my awesome hometown city of in New York and I’m loving discovering life and everything in it.…

  1. Have thought about you on and off for the last 20 years…..looks like I had nothing to worry about! You are living your dreams! How wonderful! I drink my coffee every morning from a yellow and pink cup you gave me….nice warm memories. Congratulations on your successes…..and more to come!!! Good to see your beautiful face again!! Saw you in a magazine ad and decided to try and find you….and here you are!!! Love, Beth

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