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“Who Am I?…”

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on January 14, 2020 at 2:54 pm

What makes me… me?

Is it the way I talk, or the way I dress?  Am I defined by my employment or by what bar I hang out at? Could it be where I live or where I do my food shopping? Or maybe what friends I socialize with, or what people I want to be around.

You probably guessed it, but the answer is “all of the above”. We define ourselves, our peers define us, and society defines us.  We are in a society that puts a label on us because of where we shop for clothes. A simple element for survival, clothes. Now what I’m getting at here is that judgment is part of our existence. We have it done to us everyday, and we do it our selves. Every moment, every day….

So who am I? How do other people see me? Let’s start with facts, items that cannot be challenged: (I’ll do this on myself) I’m 63 years old, with balding hair. Ugh! I had an afro in high school. I have baby brown eyes, and a scar on my forehead.

Now already you are forming a mental picture of me, and the is the basis for your definition of me. Let me continue: I work in Finance and The Arts, I have a degree in Accounting, and I was in the United States Air Force. Get the picture? Literally and figuratively.  You have now formed an impression of me.

You don’t know what pretzels are…?

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Rants & Raves, Travel on October 23, 2011 at 12:37 pm

I am really sick and tired when:

I walk into a Duane Reade here in the middle of NYC on 8th Avenue and 34th Street and I ask one of the workers there “where are the pretzels located?”… and they DO NOT understand what the word “pretzels” mean.

I order “Baked” meatloaf at a popular Greek diner on the Upper West Side and they bring me 3 slices of baked meat loaf which was placed on the griddle and “fried” on both sides to heat it up so the sides are dry and crusty. Don’t they know meat loaf is juicy and soft.

I go into a store  ask a question and the person replying speaks such poor English that I do not understand what they are saying.

I make a phone call and the default language is Spanish, it’s says I must press 3 to hear it in English.

I order scrambled eggs and ask for “”scrambled eggs easy” and they do not know what that means.

and to top it off…

When I mention Barbara Streisand and the person does not know who she is?

Boy life is changing, I know I’m getting older but we sure ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

Really check out your goals, and if you don’t have any….

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on June 8, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Recently I attended a very large convention for screenwriters and the industry folks who interact with them. What surprised me more than anything was the lack of goals screenwriters had… or did not. The ONLY thing on their minds was the sale of the screenplay they held in their hands. But what happens after that, whether the screenplay sells or not, what’s beyond that?

A while ago I started a short term “bucket list”. I wrote down everything I wanted to complete in a 5-10 year period. Realistically, not dreams that may or may not happen, but things I know for certain I can accomplish. There must be a psychological impact with having written them down and looking at them every time I sit at my computer (the sheet is taped to the wall by my computer screen).

Now while you read this you may think, “oh yeah another guy with this “write it down” philosophy”. Well let me tell you… look at all the successful people around you. I will bet many, many of them wrote down lists, kept lists, looked at lists… every day, every moment… you get the drift.

The most exciting thing in life (other than my mother’s cooking) is to cross off each item as you achieve them. You must write them down!!! Otherwise they stay dreams in your mind. Goals that you will never reach.

Try it for one week. Write down a weekly goal, that you know is within reach, that you’ve wanted to achieve. Whether it’s as small as painting the wall in your living room, starting a diet, going back to school… or as large as moving to another state, or getting married.

You need to navigate your way through life not dreaming about the things that one day may happen, but taking action on the things you can make happen right now. I’m telling you… writing them down and looking at them every day makes a difference.

Repeat after me… I love my life.
Cheers from New York City!

Do something different…

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Rants & Raves, Screenwriter's Life on May 22, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Same schedule, maybe not boring, but same thing… over and over and over.

Do something different., anything to break the mundane, systematic process of your daily routine.

I eat new foods, walk down new streets, say new phrases, see a film I normally would not have… do something I’ve always wanted to do.

As life passes you, become a bit selfish and give to yourself. As I age life and my views of it has surely changed, so why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I enjoy more? Why shouldn’t I give to myself? You should!

Read that book that is collecting dust,  or start a bucket list,… not a “before I die I want to do…”, but a “by the end of the year I want to have done…” Make a list of things you would like to do by year’s end. I’ll help you get started.

Jeff’s “By the end of 2011 I want to have…”list: 1) Finished another screenplay, 2) Learned how to juggle, 3) Continue learning how to speak French on my own ( great free site for learning a different language) 4) Eaten in a Thai restaurant, explore new ways to support myself until my first screenplay sales.

There you go, make the list, put it up by your bed, or your desk, or on the fridge… where ever it will mean the most to you, and start to live your life for you.
From New York City (on an overcast Sunday morning)

Mantra for the day

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Rants & Raves, Screenwriter's Life on May 4, 2011 at 12:56 pm

Repeat after me… I love my life.

“I’m heading to… um.. wait a sec, I think I know where I’m going…”

In Actor's Life, Broadway Shows, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on March 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

This past week I saw two shows on Broadway:   WONDERLAND, a new Frank Wildhorn musical, a modern retelling of ALICE IN WONDERLAND; and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN based on the film with Leo DiCaprio and brought together by the creative team from HAIRSPRAY. Both shows had their lead on a journey. In WONDERLAND, Alice, separated from her husband had to find her way out and back to her daughter. In CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Frank Abagnale Jr. the 17-year-old con artist and forger was looking for a secure family life as well as being on a constant run from the FBI agent vowed to catch him, Carl Hanratty (I must add a top-notch performance by Norbert Leo Butz exploding in a musical number titled “Don’t Break the rules”).

What I’m getting at here is we are all on a journey, and only a small percentage of us actually know what that journey is. We all have general journeys of working, paying our bills, and securing a retirement life for our golden years… but speaking in detail… what is your journey?

I can help by adding… my journey, is first to grow as a person.  Hey Jeff! That’s to general, it belongs in the paragraph above.” OK, I’ll accept that, moving on… my journey is to be as best a screenwriter I can be and sell a screenplay or two or more. But wait! I have another journey, to be a popular blog writer. I also want to write a book, I’m also open to acting again, Wait I also am exploring a detox cleanse to help me shed a few pounds.

What’s happening here is we all have MANY journeys. Some intertwine, some not. But sit back, and think, think about the journeys you are on… where you are headed, what you are involved in. Sometimes just thinking about something and reminding ourselves why we are here… gives us a clearer picture of who we are and how we fit in.

Smiling in NYC.


Don’t live by rules, live by YOUR OWN ideals and values!

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Rants & Raves, Screenwriter's Life on March 24, 2011 at 2:02 pm

You can’t do this… don’t do that… My folks wouldn’t like it if I did… Screw that! Again, my favorite motto to live by: “It’s my life… who cares!”

Learn to instill your own ideals and values into your life and stop living by the rules of others! OK, there are some rules we MUST live by… anything that breaks the law. But after that… your life should be your own, not dictated by society, peers, issues from your childhood, etc. I could think of a hundred excuses why people don’t do what they want to do. (That should be a future post!) Stand up and say “that’s it! It’s my life… who cares!”

I know, easier said than done…. but no, not really. If you say “It’s my life… who cares!” every morning for a week, on the 8th day, you’ll begin to believe it, and you’ll think about acting on it. Again, bringing up the word brainwashing from a prior post. You are washing your brain, getting rid of the dirt and applying soothing moisturizing brain lotion.

Everything we do in our lives is controlled by our mindset. We talk ourselves into believing… we convince ourselves, it”s not just talk, it’s a tool we use to get ourselves to do what we want ourselves to do. How do you think the Tony Robbins types, not only get to be so successful, but they also get to help others… they woke up one morning and (theoretically) said “It’s my life… who cares!”

I know this all sounds pretty harsh, but life is pretty harsh. And the only life you have is the one you’re living right now. When you’re dead, you’re gone, that’s it, no more, ciao! So really think about dictating your own life. It will help you be truer to who you are, and you’ll have a lot of fun on the way. Just yesterday I said to someone out of a clear blue sky… “I love my life!” They replied that was the best thing they heard all day. Yes, we live in a world of 6 something billion other people. We should never hurt, degrade, or cause malice to someone else, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live an extraordinary life which makes us happy.

with a warm smile,

-Jeff in NYC

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Central Station in Antwerpen, Belgium goes la, la, la… or is it doe, re, mi?

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on March 21, 2011 at 2:21 pm

I loved this 2 years ago when it first came out & I saw it again this morning… it made me smile (refer to prior post “If smiling makes me feel good, why don’t I smile more?”).

This makes me smile, always surround yourself with people, sounds, sights, smells… etc, that make you smile. Smiling makes us feel good and it doesn’t cost a penny!

-Smiling Jeff in NYC

Thumbs up!

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Pictures, Screenwriter's Life on March 20, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Who am I? And what do I do when I’m labeled?

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on March 20, 2011 at 2:32 pm

I’ve been following  the blog of a very interesting guy, Colin Wright at He’s been called the exile cowboy and shares his minimalist lifestyle on his site which deserves a visit. One of his posts speaks about titles, how people react to us differently because of who we are, and I’m not speaking of Mr. Mrs, or Ms.

Make a list of all FACTS about yourself, not feelings, interpretations, or judgments, but hard cold facts… for example I am a blog writer who is also a Virgo. Got it? So I’ll do that for myself, but follow me and get a piece of paper and write it down for yourself.

I, Jeff Goldstein am: right-handed, have balding brown curly hair, brown eyes, am a male, I’m packing some extra weight, I have a degree in Accounting, I’ve been onstage with Candice Bergen, I worked as a Timekeeper for Macy’s, I have a blood type O positive, I am a human, I spend hours in front of my computer, I am a caregiver and teacher, I am a rebel as well as a professional, a Caucasian, I was born Jewish, I played Saint Francis of Assisi in an elementary school play, I had a conversation with Kurt Russell, I’m currently a 50 something, I am an artist, a member of 4 unions, I was in the United States Air Force, I’ve been directed by Woody Allen and Denis Leary, I share with people, etc, etc, etc.

Now what I’m getting at here is once you’ve compiled a paragraph of “titles” you can begin to see who you actually are, and because of that, how others perceive and judge you. Granted I don’t necessarily want to be know as a person who has blood type O positive, but what I’m getting at is… this is who you are. You should smile when you read your paragraph, I’ve printed mine and taped it to the wall by my computer. It makes me smile (read last post “If smiling makes me feel good, why don’t I smile more”).

People judge us by our looks, what we talk about and how we say it, the sound of our voice, WHO WE ARE, … And once we are judged, we are categorized or labeled by others. “He’s the guy who is a member of 4 unions”, he’s 54, he’s balding, he’s overweight, he spends a lot of time in front of the computer… what I’m getting at is that they can go ahead and label me, I already know it… I have it taped up on my wall. It’s nothing new to me and I smile about it!

And going further people love me because of who I am… and people love you because of who you are.  It’s funny I’ve said in the past “I would not be the person I am today if every single thing and moment in my life did not happen.” More and more I believe that to be the truth, and with that I become able to accept a lot of my life.

Take a deep breathe, don’t want to get too heavy here… but learn to love who you are, It’s a process, it takes time, but you have to start somewhere. Start with a list… and don’t forget to smile when you do it! I so love my life…

Warm hugs


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