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Life is hard…

In Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on August 20, 2011 at 4:29 am
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… So here are a few tips to make you smile:
It’s late at night and you’re channel surfing, you come to that film you have seen more than a dozen times, but you like it so much it makes you smile… so, watch it! (mine was “The Unsinkable Molly Brown“)

Whether you’re on a diet or not ( and for me it seems always), and you pass an ice cream or gelato place and the flavor showcased is your favorite flavor, you know the one that makes you smile… so, have a scoop! (mine is cassetta gelato from GROM here in New York City)

You’ve been dying to see that film that’s been playing in the theaters, but you just don’t have the time. You know the film, you think about it and it makes you smile… so, make the time and go see it! (mine was “Midnight in Paris“)

A family member or friend has been wanting to spend time with you and you do enjoy their company, in fact they make you smile… so, spend time with them. (mine was/is Joni)

What I’m getting at is that in today’s life… where things can be so hard either emotionally, financially, personally, or health wise… we all need to do things that make us smile and add more joy to our sometimes difficult existence.

Give to yourself… be selfish… make the time or decision, but treat yourself special… because you are.


“Well behaved people seldom make history”

In Rants & Raves on May 1, 2011 at 3:38 pm

I came across this article written by MATT HARRIS on in THE WEEK and found it interesting:

“As a venture capitalist, I have done due diligence on many business founders, said Matt Harris.  If I’m going to be in “a foxhole” with someone, I have to be sure that person is ethical and acts with integrity. But I don’t stop there. I also look for signs that a founder is “persistent (bullheaded), persuasive (flexible with the truth), and visionary (delusional).” Like it or not, those are the character traits typical of people who have found businesses that create or redefine an industry. In fact, starting a game changing business is so “audacious, disruptive, and preposterous on the face of it” that you have to be a little crazy and “transgressive” to try it.

So I’m not surprised to read that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg allegedly “stole the idea from a set of Olympian twins” and “screwed the college buddy” who provided seed capital.  Don’t get me wrong… I’m not endorsing criminal or unethical behavior. But if you’re looking for people who want to change the world , don’t go in search of those who fit neatly into the world as they originally found it.

Central Station in Antwerpen, Belgium goes la, la, la… or is it doe, re, mi?

In Actor's Life, Broadway Usher's Life, Inspirational, Screenwriter's Life on March 21, 2011 at 2:21 pm

I loved this 2 years ago when it first came out & I saw it again this morning… it made me smile (refer to prior post “If smiling makes me feel good, why don’t I smile more?”).

This makes me smile, always surround yourself with people, sounds, sights, smells… etc, that make you smile. Smiling makes us feel good and it doesn’t cost a penny!

-Smiling Jeff in NYC

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